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19 June 2019Imperial Purple to Denim Blue - The Colourful history of Textiles
18 September 2019The Art of the Steal: Nazi looting during WW11
16 October 2019"Sweet Swan of Avon" - William Shakespeare and his Turbulent World
20 November 2019Turner vs Constable: The Great British Paint Off
11 December 2019Norman Rockwell's Christmas Wish

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Imperial Purple to Denim Blue - The Colourful history of Textiles Susan Kay-Williams Wednesday 19 June 2019

This lecture explores the fascinating story of how dyes were discovered, made and used, focusing on some of the social implications of colour at different times in history. The lecture takes us from pre-historic man to the middle of the 19th century and geographically from Europe to the Middle East, India, Turkey, north America, Mexico and Peru. It is a story of exploration, invention, war, the church, money, power and sex.