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10 November 2020Why Paris? The Allure of the City of Light 1900 - 1947

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Why Paris? The Allure of the City of Light 1900 - 1947 Mary Alexander Tuesday 10 November 2020

Special Interest Day

Tuesday 10 November 2020


Why Paris?  The Allure of the City of Light 1900 – 1947

By Mary Alexander

Mary previously gave us a wonderful Special Interest Day titled ‘New York, New York’.  She will follow a similar inclusive and exploratory approach to Parish using location  maps, both contemporary and with old photographs of the city, together with various art and design media.

In this stimulating and enjoyable Special Interest Day Mary will explore how and why the City of Paris has acted as both a magnet and a cauldron of talent for artists and designers.

Discover more about the key events and personalities shaping the ‘City of Light’ during the first half of the twentieth century.  Looking beyond the mainstream, she will identify the creative individuals, including newly emerging female talents, who shaped the Parisian concept of ‘modernity’  in art, design, interiors, fashion and photography.

Whether strolling along Haussmann’s new boulevards, ascending the magnificent staircase of Garnier’s Opera House, calling into an artist’s studio, cafe, nightclub or fitting couture room, Mary will create the sense of ‘being there’.

Literary descriptions by Zola, Stein, Cocteau, Hemingway and Fitzgerald, will accompany the sumptuous visual details photographed especially for this purpose. Comparison between the International Paris Exhibitions of 1900, 1925 and 1937 will shed light on changing social/cultural issues, rapid technological change, the key role of couture and fashion in French identity, especially during the German Occupation and immediately after the Liberation.

Whether you know Paris well or not at all, you will find new and exciting discoveries.

Session One:     La Belle Epoque – city of pleasure and reinvention 1890’s- 1914

Session Two:     Partying into the future 1920’s and 30’s

Break for a sandwich lunch

Session Three:  Paris Exposition 1937, Occupation and Defiance.

Cost of Special Interest Day - £25 to include a sandwich lunch.

Applications to the Special Interest Day desk at the back of the lecture hall

Cheques to be made payable to The Arts Society Wylye Valley.