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24 March 2020Jewellery in the Age of Queen Victoria. Appraisal of Members' Jewellery
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26 March 2019Ceramics and Glass: revealing the skills of Restoration and exposing the fakes of forgers.
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09 January 2018Dresden today - Art and Architecture
07 November 2017Catherine the Great: Empress of All the Russias 1762-1796
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08 November 2016Bankrolling the Renaissance - a History of the Medici Family of Florence
05 May 2016New York, New York A 'Virtual' Time Travel

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Jewellery in the Age of Queen Victoria. Appraisal of Members' Jewellery Judy Rudoe FSA Tuesday 24 March 2020

10.00 am for a 10.30 start - finish at 3.15

Michael Herbert Hall.  Tuesday 24 March 2020


Judy Rudoe has been a Curator at the British Museum since 1974, responsible for metalwork, ceramics, glass, textiles, basketry and other applied arts from 1700 to the presnt, including traiditional and reional collections fromEurope. She is authori of cartier 1900-1939 (1997) and organised the Cartier exhibitions shown at the Metropolitan Musum of Art and the Brisith Museum in 1997.  She has also been author of a number of other books and publications.

This lecture grew out of Judy's latest book, 'Jewellery in the Age of Queen Victoria, a mirror to the world' which she spent 30 years researching and 3 years writing with Charlotte Gere.

Morning Session - Jewellery in the age of Queen Victoria.

Queen Victoria played a huge role:  what she wore and did had tremendous impact, so what might seem a narrow subject acts as a key to our understanding of the entire Victorian agge. - its mourning rituals, its politics, its nationalism, the study of nature and developments in science - all are embodied in its jewellery.  Judy's approach is one that seeks to understand the 19th century though its jewellery by looking at what jewellery meant to the people woh wore it and how it was used for both public and private purposes.  It shows how jewellery affected historical and topical events: Judy's journey of discovery uncovered some fascinatine oddities - jewellery with fish scales, electric batteries that enabled a death's head to gnash it teeh and roll its eyes, and she will tell us whey there was a crasze for Colorado beetles in1877.

Break for a Sandwich lunch

Afternoon session - Discussion on members' pieces.

Judy will talk about each piece and involve members as much as possible.  Members are encouraged to bring along jewellery which is not restricted to Victorian.  Silver or base metal can be just as interesting as gold and diamonds!

Cost of Special Interest Day - £25 to include a sandwich lunch

Applications and reservations to be made at the back of the hall on lecture days at the 

Special Interest Day desk.

Cheques should be made payable to The Arts Society Wylye Valley.