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26 August 2019Visit to Longford Castle - Downton, Salisbury
08 May 2019Liverpool - City of Delight
26 March 2019Ceramics and Glass: revealing the skills of Restoration and exposing the fakes of forgers.
06 November 2018London's Sacred Palaces: St Pauls and Westminster Abbey
13 March 2018'How is it made?' A Close Look at Silver with a Huguenot Perspective'
09 January 2018Dresden today - Art and Architecture
07 November 2017Catherine the Great: Empress of All the Russias 1762-1796
28 March 2017Tribal Rugs: Treasures of the Black Tent
08 November 2016Bankrolling the Renaissance - a History of the Medici Family of Florence
05 May 2016New York, New York A 'Virtual' Time Travel

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Visit to Longford Castle - Downton, Salisbury Monday 26 August 2019

An extra visit has been put into the calendar on 26 August 2019.

We are able to visit Longford Castle, the home of Lord and Lady Radnor.  This is situated near Downton, outside Salisbury.

The visit is available for 25 people at a cost of £14 and tickets will be available at the next Arts Society lecture on 15 May.