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21 May 2020St Giles House, Wimborne St Giles
10 June 2020Hampton Court Palace
15 July 2020Berkeley Castle, 1 High Street, Berkeley
23 September 2020Forde Abbey, Chard, Somerset

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St Giles House, Wimborne St Giles
Thursday 21 May 2020

The home of Lord Shaftesbury, this beautiful family house has a long and rich history.  In the past 400 years it has been at the heart of politics, philosophy and social thought.  In recent times an award winning restoration has seen it brought back to life and become a family home once again.  To quote Elizabeth Grice "Today the house rises magnificently from the glorious parkland, its red-brick facade glowing in the shunshine, the lake restored and the long beech avenue replanted".  

We are extremely lucky to be able to visit this house and to see at first hand some of the conservation work in progress.


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Rosslyn O'Connor   01722 743256

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